How did the name Botflip come about?

Botflip was originally solely focused on books. We tried to get the domain but it was taken so we needed to find another domain that would work. We tried various names but Botflip stuck as it represented the action that happens nearly an infinite number of times when you use Botflip. When computers first came about (think of the abacus) information was not initially represented in base 2 and things like stones had to be physically manipluated by humans to perform computation. Now, most of the flipping of digits in base 2 or binary (from 1 to 0 to 1 and so forth) is performed by machines or bots. A bot is performing this "flipping" operation trillions upon trillions of times for you to enjoy what you reading on the screen now.

There are numerous bots behind the scenes at work when you order from Botflip. They reside in datacenters (the cloud) and tirelessly perform these flips to get you what you desire :)